Lap Shun has been established for more than 18 years and specializes in camera and video bags since start-up. Now, Lap Shun carries more than 150 models for various usage. In addition to the main line of camera and video bags, Lap Shun also developed nice models for sport bags, computer bags, CD bags, projector bags and genuine leather bags. Lap Shun has its own strong products development and Ads design departments to launch new series every year.

Starting from Year 2000, Lap Shun has set up another new production area for development and manufacture of tripods and related camera accessories.

Lap Shun always insists only good quality and best design will be provided to customers. Thus, for a comparison of the 17 famous brands in the world by Practical Photography in U.K., Jenova bag stood out as the Best Buy model in terms of buying value. And Lap Shun has been qualified as regular supplier for the world-famous brand of REPORTER and ROWI. In addition to customer world wide, Lap Shun is also the regular supplier for Velbon in Japan.

To keep the cost competitive in the market, Lap Shun is the first round of company to shift manufacturing to China. Thus, the factory as set up by Lap Shun was already more than ten year old and has expanded three times since then to now 40000sq ft and over 400 workers with company - wide computerization to maintain minimize material wastage and maximum efficiency.

Lap Shun always on good quality and design and praises itself of constant improvement and innovation. Please give us a call if we could be of service to you.